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Add:xionghe road NO.9,xiongxin        industrial,wenzhou, Zhejiang        proveince, China
Tel: 86-577-86622701
Mr.:Mrs./JOE YE

Company News
Manufactuer Standard of Wenzhou Baiji Valve Co.,ltd
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Wenzhou Baiji Valve Co.,ltd's valve standard:


Design standard:

Gate Valves according to API600,API6D,

ASME B16.34,BS1414,API602,BS5352,EN13709, DIN3352,etc.

Globe Valves according to BS1873,ASME B16.34,API602,BS5352,JIS B2071,B2081,etc.

Check Valves according to BS1868,ASME B16.34,API6D,API602,BS5352,DIN,etc.

Ball Valves according to ASME B16.34,API6D,API602,BS5351,DIN,etc.

We also maunufacture butterfly valve,plug valve,knife gate valve,needle valve,etc.




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